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Trailhead Overture

Trailhead Overture


TRAILHEAD OVERTURE - While hiking in Big Bend National Park, I came to a beautiful spot that was the trailhead for several different hiking trails. That was the inspiration for this piece. This should be  considered an easier Grade 2.
The ranges and rhythms are appropriate for 2nd-year players and splits are made that add more harmony and more accessible for younger players.

The opening should reflect the bigness and majesty of Big Bend. If you haven’t seen it - find it! It has a main theme with varia5ons in the first half. It stays in the concert key of Eb but does have Db throughout giving it a big sound. The Andante section (in Ab ) is much slower, smoother and thinner with a WW choir followed by a brass choir with horn lead.
There is a transition with a long accelerando to the original Allegro tempo and more variations on the original theme. It ends with a strong progression with some accidentals so careful attention to them and not lettng the sound get away from the band.
Have fun and thank you for playing this piece. I’d love to hear your thoughts and any questions.

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