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POP - Stand Tunes


Industry Baby - INDUSTRY BABY is the recent hit by Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow. This is a fun tune for the stands and pep rallies as well as an indoor concert. It starts with a big fanfare and continues with a beat that will have the crowd moving.

This is scored for marching band but could be used in a concert settng. The ranges are geared for intermediate players and up. Both Letter and Folio size parts are included.

Not available for purchase on the website. Please use links for Sheet Music Direct
and Sheet Music Plus

WOODWINDS - Fl(2), Clar(2), BC, AS(2), Ts, Bs.

BRASS - Tr(2), Mello(2), Tb(2) Eu, Tu.

PERCUSSION- Mallets, Snare, Tenors, Bass Drum, Cymbals

J.W. Pepper


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