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Metallic Khatru

Metallic Khatru


METALLIC KHATRU is my tribute to my love of ‘70-’s Prog Rock. Other than the Beatles, it was the first type of music that inspired me to figure out what they were playing. My favorites were Yes, ELP, and Kansas among others.

The piece is marked AGGRESSIVE but intentionally does not have a tempo marking. I wrote it at 180 bpm but can be effective slightly below that but I would not attempt it much faster. This piece will greatly challenge ALL of your players. I'm sure that they, and your audience, will have an exhilarating experience performing this piece.

NOTE - This includes 4 different files. There are scores in Tabloid and Legal size format. And there are parts in Concert and Letter size formats. Be careful when printing that you have the correct size.


Finally, someone is going to ask “What does ‘Metallic Khatru’ mean?” Nothing. I just liked the name.

I hope you and your performers enjoy METALLIC KHATRU. I mainly write for young bands, but this was an extremely fun piece to work on. I would appreciate any comments to

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