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Marching In The Dark

Marching In The Dark


Marching In The Dark  Marching In The Dark — This is not your standard young band march with a modal melody and harmony. All sections get to shine in the melodic parts. There is also a sound effect with the students “marching” with a Foot Tap indicated. This should sound like feet walking and not a STOMP like kids may want to do. It purposefully comes from different areas of the band at times.

All wind parts are easily approachable by 1st year players. Ranges are generally within the first 6 notes. Upper WW are mostly unison with an occasional 2nd Clarinet split. Lower WW/Brass are mostly unison as well. Trombone occasionally separates for harmonic depth  and avoids 6th position as much as possible. The Trumpet split is like the Clarinet in that it is rare and used for harmonic support and lower range for the youngest players.
Percussion parts are somewhat more “advanced” than the wind parts. It can still be performed using fewer players and simplified parts are provided. There is a Simplified Percussion part that allows you to not use the Snare and Tenor Drum. Timpani has a 4-drum or 3-drum part with no pitch changes.

Have fun and thank you for playing this piece. I’d love to hear your thoughts and any questions.


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