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Coronation Processional

Coronation Processional


Courtly Walk is a fantastic new educational piece for young bands. The range fits comfortably for any 1st-year player. The style, however, is closer to an “older” band using traditional European style melody and accompaniment.

Every section has the melody, or featured part, using only the first six notes normally taught on their respective instrument. There are plenty of tutti articulation and dynamic contrasts for the most effective use of teaching and rehearsal time. Rhythmically, there is one constant unison theme for all wind players. Some percussion parts include 4 straight 8th notes.

Wind parts are also heavily doubled to help out with sections that are still developing. Low brass and woodwind parts are entirely unison helping to increase the fullness of their sound. There are no split parts. The comfortable ranges make this unnecessary.

As a percussionist, I tend to write plenty of parts to add excitement and give them more opportunities. I also try to include a mini-ensemble section. This section, at measure 29, can be omitted and still work musically. Many of the parts are optional if you are short on players. It will sound full with 2 players, and will s􀆟ll hold their interest if you have 7 players.

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