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Clear Day March

Clear Day March


CLEAR DAY MARCH was named as it was a beautiful spring day looking out the window of my studio. Sometimes, it’s just that simple! The ranges are playable by 1st year players and are very flexible in scoring. Ranges are typically the first standard 6 notes.  The only exception being tenor sax which is used to double the opt. trombone and some horn parts. If the range is too wide, the T.C. baritone part may be used.

There is a unison low brass part, but there is also an optional trombone part that is still rhythmically unison. This provides more harmony texture and avoids 6th position for the trombone (mostly). 

With a variety of percussion parts (for those large groups!) it can be performed effectively without the timpani and tenor drum. There are also two possible snare parts—one being a more advanced part with 16th notes. Tenor and Adv. snare are mostly unison with the tenor part being a little thinner

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